Aesthetic Health taken by Maria Spadafora 2014
“Having Reiki with Zoe is a very special physical and spiritual experience. I would highly recommend it.”
Reiki is a gentle treatment that supports and balances the body and mind. Reiki can be used to treat any condition and can bring relief quickly thus short treatments can be highly effective. It is soothing and can create a wonderful inner- radiance that is deeply relaxing.I am attuned to Master level in Reiki and Seichem and also offer training and attunements.
“If you havn’t had Reiki yet – we recommend it! Zoe has studied under all kinds of masters and it shows. My ears were on fire as energy was transcending through my body.”


Faviell Performance Coaching, Life Coaching.Leeds


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The time to relax is when you don't have time.

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