Therapeutic Massage

“Zoe was knowledgable, professional & the massage was fantastic! I always walk better and feel lighter after a massage- it’s as if i’m floating off into the sky!” – Peter Brabin (Driving instructor). “


Therapeutic Massage ( sometimes called Sports massage) treats specific muscular problems and injuries. It can also enhance physical performance for sports and dance professionals and enthusiasts. I use dynamic stretches and other advanced therapeutic massage techniques which enhance overall benefits of the treatment. I have a sound background in yoga, pilates and functional movement, so suggest exercises to support longer lasting results from your treatment. I regularly work alongside chiropracters, osteopaths and other health practitioners. Massage can:

  • Target specific muscles or areas of the body to relieve pain.
  • Increase joint mobility caused by muscular tension,
  • Complement chiropractic/osteopathy/physiotherapy treatments
  • Reduce general or specific pain or tension.
  • Boost the body’s own healing processes
  • Keep muscles flexible and mobile.

“The results were immediate. I felt stronger, more focused and had ‘a spring in my step’! Got so much work done that day!”


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