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“I am always floating after a massage with you! ” client, Active Health Centre, Pudsey April 2014.

“A massage from Zoe has been my reward in the midst of our marathon training. She manages to combine a genuinely relaxing atmosphere with a proper, strenuous deep tissue massage. i have felt the benefits in my tired lega and back. if you really want someone to work your muscles and knots she is great. PS. I am a 49 year old, very average pace runner, not some super fit core athlete!” CB Pudsey 2014

“Still walking very very tall after my massage. Still singing the praises of your magic fingers.”   Cultural curator, Bradford April 2014.

“I have been suffering from stress for quite a while and felt that I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and thought I was past help until I had seen Zoe at Active Health centre for some massages. Because of Zoe I came out feeling great, like a new woman.
Thank you so very much Zoe for all your help. Without you I don’t know what I would have done. Many thanks once again.”  PS Active Health Centre Client, Pudsey April 30th  2014

“Have suffered with back pain for years following a bad car accident. Was recommend to try Active Health Centre and have been to see Zoe Parker for nearly two years. Excellent help that has sorted my back out and now visit monthly to maintain the improvement. Highly recommend.” April 15 2014

“I have had the pleasure of receiving thai massage, reiki and reflexology from Zoe over the past 2 years and see this as an important aspect of maintaining my health and wellbeing. Zoe puts huge effort into her treatments and I always feel amazing after seeing her- my muscles feel stretched in a way that normal massage doesn’t reach and having been deeply relaxed, I am always left feeling contented and well rested. Zoe continues to stay motivated and is always seeking to further her extensive reportoire. I would have no hesitation in recommending her – in fact I would challenge you not to feel on top of the world after seeing her!” Review – Yoga and dance teacher, May 9, 2013

“You have such good hands…didn’t want it to finish…hope you come back again!” University Lecturer/ Musician  March 2014

“Thanks so much for all the fantastic reflexology sessions, They have been hugely beneficial to me in both pre and post natal periods. I always feel relaxed, sleep well and ‘grumbles’ in my body fade away!” Claire Sparrow  Director Leeds Pilates Place, November 2013

I wanted to let you know that I have received excellent feedback from my colleagues who attended a session with you. KL Open University May 2013:

I thought it was excellent – really enjoyed it.  She was very good indeed, put me at ease straight away, and has a friendly and professional manner.  She created a pleasant, relaxed ambience with the scents and music, and the chair was fantastic – so comfortable!  It was also unexpectedly informative, as I learned a bit about the foot and which bits correspond to which parts of the body…..Well done to whoever booked her – great idea, and excellent choice of practitioner.  Thanks for a lovely experience!……I absolutely loved it, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I would definitely do it again!…..It was excellent, best one so far – most relaxing and a really lovely practitioner……Really enjoyed it, and I didn’t think I would – was the best yet! Hope the lady can come again.”

Amazing Thai Yoga massage with a really , knowledgable and friendly Zoe. I tend to have massages relatively frequently and this experience ranks among the best. A great way to start the weekend. Highly recommended, I will be back! – Logistics Manager Marks & Spencers, West Yorkshire 2013

Zoe was very professional, skilful & the massage was fantastic!! Pharmaceutical Consultant, 2013

I always walk better and feel lighter after a massage with Zoe. It’s as if i’m floating off into the sky! – Peter Brabin (Driving instructor) 2013

I feel lighter emotionally and physically. Zoe intuitively knew which area’s needed the most attention and what pressure to use.-  Dancer Leeds 2012

Very professional touch. I felt very safe- she really knows what she’s doing! – Singer, Leeds 2013

Zoe has magic hands…literally within 2 minutes I was wanting more…one of Zoe’s massages has the same effect as getting a new haircut or a new pair of shoes! I would definitely use her services again! -Marketing and Social Media Consultant, London

Zoe is very professional, articulate and trustworthy. One of her key skills is her bright but patient nature which really helps me relax and is very important in order to gain the full benefits of a massage. – Medical Sales Manager 2012

Fantastic touch, very firm and soothing. Good with techniques and excellent energy. Felt extremely relaxed. Fab experience! GP, Leeds 2011

I’ve had quite a few treatments from Zoe and would recommend her to anyone! – Dancer, Leeds 2009

Zoe was very good at listening to my body. The massage went through a variety of stages from blissfully calm to more focused interest. Having an interest in flexibility, i really appreciated the more extreme manoeuvres! I would definitely recommend Zoe to friends, family and colleagues.
Deborah Sanderson – Director Urban Angels Circus, Sep 2010

The intention of her touch was clear and she moved seamlessly through the body. I felt comfortable in expressing my specific needs. I felt Zoe was perceptive, sensitive and experienced- my body and mind felt fantastic afterward.  -2009 Rachel Liggitt of Blue-eyed Soul Dance Company

I had my first session of reiki with Zoe a few days ago. I’d never had reiki before, but I have had many forms of massage, and osteopathy, acupuncture, reflexology. I was looking forward to it, but not with any particular expectations….well….it blew me away! It was electric, gentle, powerful, peaceful, all at the same time. I felt incredibly safe in Zoe’s hands….what a terrific practitioner. I would highly recommend her. Having reiki with Zoe is a very special, physical and spiritual experience. 2009 Harriett Goldenberg, – BA, MSc,MA, CPsychol, AdDipEx, UKCP reg

As a dancer I am very aware of how my body is feeling, where I’m holding tension, my energy levels etc. Zoe is very good at tailoring the treatment to your needs, which she does through asking a few questions before the treatment and assessing what you need and how you’re responding throughout the session. Dancer. Leeds 2008

I’ve always found an amazing difference in the state of my body and mind immediately after a treatment and in the days following. The benefits have included muscular tension release, improved flexibility, improved sense of well-being and generally feeling more balance and unlifted emotionally and in every sense! I’m looking forward to more of the same in the future!- Sophie Alder- Northern Ballet 2008

Just had my first session with zoe, and it was great. Really strong and opening. Can’t believe I’ve never allowed myself this before! I am an actress about to start another tour and was looking for something to open me up and clear physical blocks … a fine tuning of my instrument if you like. I wanted to start working with myself in a more holistic way rather than just looking at problem areas, esp connected to voice and physical clarity, but whether you’re a performer or not I’d say treat yourself and you’ll realise it’s a necessity not a treat!- Zoie Gibson – Actress 2008

Zoe is great at making you feel relaxed and I felt safe in her hands! as a singer I have a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and these areas felt sooo relaxed afterwards, also I felt like my mind and thoughts were a lot clearer following the treatment. She really knows how to work with the different areas and tensions in the body and I would certainly recommend her to everyone! thanks Zoe! Xx Sarah Wilkinson – Singer 2008

I met Zoe in Thailand when she had just taken another course. She massaged me while we were in Laos. She Was fantastic! Zoe is very in tune with what the body can handle ie pressure, flexibility etc. I frequently get thai massage in Canada, and the massage that Zoe gave was perfect for this Dance teacher/Gym junkie. I would highly recommend her massage for practicing dancers, or just the everyday stressed out person! It was a pleasure to meet Zoe and a pleasure to have treatment with her. Thanks buddy!! -Tiffany Astles-  Dance Instructor, Canada 2006

I recently received a thai yoga massage from Zoe. In a space that felt warm and comfortable, She asked me how I was feeling. She also asked about my physical health and noted what I told her. She then began the session, where she asked throughout if the pressure felt right as well as ‘listening’ with her hands. She worked with my breath and the whole massage felt in tune and connected. Being a bodyworker myself, I felt she responded to what I told her and adapted the massage to exactly what I needed in that moment. When she works on you, it feels solid, present and very relaxing! Afterwards, I felt much calmer and more connected in my body as well as stretched, which was much needed! Her passion for Thai Massage really comes across in her touch and I would highly recommend her to anyone who’d like to experience this wonderful bodywork! Amanda Crawshaw – Shiatsu Practitioner

I had a Thai yoga massage with Zoe as i had a build up of general aches and pains and a cluttered head from a busy period with bookings. this was the second time i had been for a massage with Zoe so was really looking forward to it as previously it had worked wonders for an over worked mind and body. The results again were immediate as i was left with a sense of well being, feeling more present and focused, got so much work done that day ! I also felt a lot of relief from aches and tight muscles and had an energized feeling and a spring back in my step. Thanks Zoe you really have a gift for this, I will be recommending you to everyone.- Sarah Spearing – UDC Company Director 2007

Zoe offers a very unique treatment blending the intrusive Thai massage with the soothing energy of Reiki. I’ve had a series of sessions with Zoe and have very much benefited from her specialist treatment. The ways I found the treatment working well for me personally was from the combination of a thorough deep tissue style of massage, as I experienced the Thai massage, with the comforting, warming and peaceful energy of the Reiki. Zoe also has a very holistic approach in her treatment and will be very much listening and giving attention to the needs of your body as a whole. She has a brilliant ability to connect with your body in the here and now and to consider what is appropriate for you as an individual at the given time. A treatment with Zoe also offers the chance to set aside a good, focused hour or more of relaxing and healing time for your self – something that I believe we all could gain from in our busy everyday lives and which is easily not put enough priority to towards achieving a balanced and harmonious wellbeing. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to book in for treatments with Zoe Parker. – Maria Jardardottir – voice musician/composer 2009

As a professional dancer my body needs various treatments in terms of both conditioning and maintenance. I have visited various physios, osteopaths, and sports masseurs’ all for different reasons and until having a treatment from Zoe I have never had hands-on work that not only makes my muscles feel less sore but allows my body to feel more open and also re-energizes me mentally and physically. After a Thai massage I feltl de-stressed and at ease and slept better. It was not only a practical treatment for my physical work as a dancer but also a really lovely thing to have done! And I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do something nice for themselves! – Amy Butler- professional dancer 2009

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