Frequently Asked Questions

GOT A QUESTION? Check these FAQ’s

Thai Massage FAQ’s

What is thai massage? Thai massage is like having yoga done to you and is derived from the same principles as yoga ( nadis, chakras, energy lines) and involves pressing and stretching ten ‘sen’ energy lines to release blockages and increase flow, improving health in doing so.

What do I need to wear? Loose comfortable clothing without bulky zips or buttons if possible, as thai massage is given through clothing.

Will it hurt? No. Although thai massage can be strong, it can be tailored to your limits. The stretches will be within the limits of what is possible for your body (and not beyond unless you want that).

How long should a treatment last? Traditional thai Massage last 2 hours so this is the ideal treatment length. 1.5 hours also works very well and treatments of one hour are also possible ( though not as thorough in every area of the body).

How often do you recommend treatments? As often as you feel suits your budget. Once a month is a good maintenance plan.

What else should I know? Thai massage can involve massage of the abdomen. This is really beneficial for digestion and is really important because all the energy lines run through the centre of the body.

Where can I have treatments? Active Health Centre in Pudsey ( Ls28), in chapelallerton ( LS7) or in your home/venue ( by special arrangement and additional costs for travel time/fuel)

Reflexology FAQ’s

1.How many sessions should I have?

A single session of Reflexology will give immediate relief. Multiple sessions are recommended for more lasting benefits.

2.Can I have reflexology if I am pregnant?

Yes. Generally, reflexology is not recommended in trimester 1 unless you already have reflexology but after this point it is hugely beneficial. ( see pregnancy page and FAQ’s)

3.What if I have hormonal problems, asthma, allergies or IBS?

Reflexology is fantastic for internal organs, balances hormones and strengthens the immune system so is ideal for these conditions.




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